New! 2009-08-31: neurospy is now in limbo. Learn how to get the latest stable version here.
2007-08-08: Read the article about neurospy in PLoS One.
2007-08-08: Development milestone toward release 1.0 is available for download below.


This is the site of neurospy, the free software for functional imaging of fast neuronal activity. neurospy is a modular cross-platform application framework written in Java for the NetBeans Platform. At this time it runs on Windows XP-based LeCroy oscilloscopes and drives acousto-optic scanners via USB using the Analog Devices 9959 Direct Digital Synthesis chip. This combination makes one of the most powerful systems for scanning microscopy available today at any price. neurospy is very easy to port to other kinds of acquisition and scanning hardware.

More details about the construction of the first neurospy-based imaging system can be found in the PLoS One article and in the braintool wiki.


The sources are kept in a subversion repository on The project home page is here.

The latest release of the software is development release 200708080041.
ALPHA CODE ALERT! This is a milestone toward release 1.0 which, unlike earlier releases, is a module suite running on the NetBeans Platform. If you plan on using development releases you really should be getting the latest module updates either from the subversion repository (best) or from the update center at
Here is the description of all the files in this release: The entire platform with all the modules. Includes most of NetBeans 5.5.1. Requires Java 1.6.1. Requires firmware v5. Very large download (44MB). Firmware and device driver for the AD9959/PCBZ Direct Digital Synthesis board.

The latest stable release of the older monolithic application is version 0.9.1: The program and all the supporting libraries. Firmware and device driver for the AD9959/PCBZ Direct Digital Synthesis board. NetBeans 5.5 project with the source code.


First install the device driver for the DDS board. See details in the braintool wiki.

Then download and install the latest JDK from Finally, download, unzip, and double-click neurospy.exe in the bin directory to start the application.


Read and contribute documentation on usage, code and architecture of neurospy in the wiki.

Last updated on August 31st, 2009.